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Made in Europe. 

Whether your are a filmmaker, scientist with specificic payload you need to mount on your UAV, or you just need to develop your own gimbal, Robodrone is here to help.

As a drone manufacturer and registered aerial services provider, we seek customers´ feedback to continuously innovate our gimbals and gimbal motors.

For End-Users


Flyrecord gimbals are suitable for a variety of industries and applications: filming and entertainment, defense, scientific aerial research and commercial applications. We provide the mechanical design and integration for the stabilized platform, offer application control and digital connectivity.

Getting Help

Application support

We can support your application specific needs such as geo-referenced pointing, digital datalink integration or LIDAR-based navigation in GPS-free environment. The sliders on the side and at the bottom of the gimbal offer expansion possibilities for a wide range of devices. 

Advanced Users

Adding your own payload

Our team rapidly puts together solutions for UAV flight testing of your new payload.  The open frame gimbals can be used to flight test new imaging technologies or sensors, without paying upfront for a new UAV system or expensive commnication and application integration.  

For Developers

Create your design

Enhance your own gimbal specifications with Flyrecorcord´s high torque motors, wide range of wiredupmers, a quick release system, or customized suspension platforms. The synergy between the different business cores allows Robodrone to support your own concept development.


Seamlessly connecting modern technology and compact design

ZIKI-S is the smallest of the ZIKI-series compact 3-axis stabilizers for small cameras of max. 1.2 kg weight and  Panasonic GH4 size (with obvious performance limitations compared to ZIKI-M)

ZIKI-S is approx. 80% size of the base ZIKI-M series. ZIKI-S might be fitted on a drone, on a camera crane, or hand-held. Connect your camera through a digital datalink to your viewing device on the ground.

Weight: 850g  |  Dimensions: 126x126x140 mm  |  Power supply: External


A variety of adjustment options

ZIKI-M is the base ZIKI-series gimbal size. This compact 3-axis stabilizer has been designed for DSLR cameras of approx. Panasonic GH4 size. 

ZIKI uses flyrecord brushless gimbal motors to stabilize movement on tilt-and-roll axis and provide incredibly smooth image capture in flight.

Weight: 1300g  |  Weight without batteries and accessories: 750g

Dimensions min.: 160x160x200 mm  |  max: 180x180x220 mm 

Power supply: 2x750 mAh batteries


Iinnovation, functionality, manfacturing quality, practical use and support.

ZIKI-L is approx. 120% size of the base ZIKI-M series. All currently available DSLR and mirrorless cameras upto a size of e.g. Canon 5D Mark III can be mounted on the ZIKI-L gimbal. 

The design allows for fine-tuning and balancing of the gimbal.
An auto calibration system automatically goes through each axis to find the best settings.

Weight: 1500g  |  Weight without batteries and accessories: 1200g

Dimensions min. 190x190x240 mm  |  max.: 215x215x260 mm

Power supply: 2x750 mAh batteries


Freedom and high performance

ZIKI-XL was designed and developed for professional filmmakers. It gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of camera and lens, and combination of accessories.

Fitted with the high torque F150-72N motors it is capable of handling most DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and pocket cinema cameras weighing up to 9 lbs (4.2kg).  

Weight: 2200g  |  Weight without batteries and accessories: 1750g

Dimensions min. 220x250x250 mm  |  max.: 250x280x280 mm

Power supply: 2x750 mAh batteries

Gimbal motor F150-72N


486 g

# of Poles N


# of Magnets P



150 mm


32 mm


0.3 mm

Threads per Pole


Thrust with 5S batt


Gimbal motor F160


480 g

# of Poles N


# of Magnets P



160 mm


30 mm


0.4 mm

Threads per Pole


Thrust with 5S batt

34.33 N