Drone | Control Unit | Li-Ion Battery

With the new Hornet drone, Robodrone reconciles the conflicting aims of sportiness, professional use and enhanced investment protection: with free parts selection the pilot is able to change the drone ’s characteristics.

The agile, four-motor Hornet combines its power with top variability. Originally developed for and used by the Mountain Rescue Service, it´s a perfect companion for professional users in all conditions.

Effectiveness Champion

Hornet is effective in every aspect. Large just enough to fulfil a broad range of missions and without a need to carry large batteries. With Hornet you will receive access to the online spare parts library and print spares on your 3D printer.


For End-Users

Creativity and free spare parts

What makes Hornet special is the construction concept. The base is a carbon fibre frame which can be fitted with antenna mast, battery cover, camera holder, or various landing gear. You´ll become a member of the user community that adds new parts to the library. You chose the component, the color and send it to your 3D printer.

Getting Help


No time or skills to build your own Hornet? For most hobby and professional pilots we offer a Hornet that is ready to fly out of the box.  In need for a low-cost training and easily repairable aircraft? Look no furher than Robodrone Hornet. The drone control and mission planning are shared across Robodrone product lines.

Advanced Users

Variability and individual drone setup

Robodrone Hornet will always meet your needs. Following a platform upgradeability concept, the Hornet opens up a new dimension in drone configuration . You may start with a basic frame and install your own elecronics. Or, you may select from assembled and fully configured machines. You may upgrade or even design your own parts.

For Developers

Create your solution

Enhance your Hornet with a gimbal, a GoPro or a remote release system. The payload can be mounted at the bottom of the fuselage and offers expansion possibilities for a wide range of devices. The synergy between Robodrone´s different business cores enables us to support your own development.


Base platform for your needs

Hornet´s basic configuration features a carbon fibre fuselage with variable landing gear, Pixracer control unit, open-source Mission Planner, remote control and a 5,000 mAh Li-Ion battery. 

This basic construction element is mounted with electronics and plastic parts in a sandwich-like method. Robodrone offers a standardized version to start with. Further enhancement are limited by your creativity.

Max. endurance 20 min | Max. speed 80 km/h | MTOM: 800g

A DYI Hornet

Ultimate Variability

Robodrone Hornet can be turned into almost anything by a skillful aero-modeller. The kit includes the carbon frame, a base set of plastic parts and electronics (motors, batteries, radio control).

The DYI Drone comes with a library of 3D parts. You may print your landing gear or payload interface. Your drone enhancements and repair have never been easier. 



Compact frame, landing gear variability.


Carbon-fibre fuselage and nacelles. 3D printed parts.

Mission Panning

Open-source Mission Planner, free dowload.


Vibrant Arduino community forums.