What we do

We create an all round experience for your UAV.

With our expertise in the field of unmanned aerial systems, we offer complete solutions from design and development to manufacturing and code writing of vertically integrated subsystems.
Through rapid prototyping and open HW and SW system design, we aim to meet your unique requirements and industrial environment and to affordably integrate a diverse range of UAV sensors, payload and back-end systems.


Solutions for your needs

Robodrone solutions are best suited to sectors that require both mobility and a high quality of data. Businesses that manage assets dispersed over large areas have had issues that our drone solutions can address. Large scale area protection, automated stock taking in logistics, infrastructure maintenance and environmental screening can benefit greatly from the integration of Robodrones into your day-to-day business.

Technological Expertise

At Robodrone, we maintain the infrastructure necessary for development, production, payload integration, flight-testing, and support of operating UAS throughout their service.

Our Competitive Edge

Robodrones’ competitive edge as a drone integrator is evident in the operational expertise that complements our drone development. Our experts deliver products and services tailored to customer’s specific requirements and needs, and advise where, when and how the systems should best be applied.

Products and Solutions

Let’s build great things together

We design intelligent and connected unmanned systems that are optimized from design and materials, to performance, quality and cost. We can transform customer vision, ambitious targets and complex requirements into fully optimized industrial drone implementations. In cooperation with our design partner, the products are both beautiful and functional. We help our customers through the full development process from an idea to operation.

System Design

From requirements analysis to implementation details. Optimization of product design and technology selection to meet variety of requirements.

Wireless Connectivity

From radio-modules to tailored designs, multi-channel redundant and encrypted settings with custom antennas for challenging operations.


Robust, energy efficient and secure embedded systems in resource constrained environments. UAV data feeds to back-end systems.

Our Customers